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Naval Ravikant

CEO of AngelList and investor in Twitter, Uber, Replit, OpenSea, Stack Overflow, Perplexity AI, Vercel, and Descript.

Serena Williams

23X Grand Slam winner and investor in Bumble, Karat, Impossible Foods, The Wing, LOLA, Daily Harvest, Tonal, Mahmee, Every Mother, Lolli, Ours, Juno Medical, Bitski, and Lifefoce.

Marc Andreessen

Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz and investor in Applied Intuition, Carta, Coinbase, Dialpad, Flow, Golden, Honor, OpenGov, Samsara, Simple Things, and TipTop Labs. He is also on the board of Meta.

Paris Hilton

Int'l DJ and investor in Carrot, Everyrealm, Boba Network, MoonPay, Afterparty, CreatorDAO, Shubuya, Checkmate, CREATESAFE, and Layla.

Mark Cuban

Founder of and investor in Relativity Space, Yuga Labs, Jackpocket, FiscalNote, Sportradar, OpenSea, Underdog Fantasy, and Thirdweb.

Lenny Rachitsky

Founder of Lenny's Newsletter and investor in Linear, Captions, Descript, Offsyte, Office Hours, Gatheround, Sprig, Finary, Mem, Writer, Canvas, Arcade, and Loops.

Codie Sanchez

Founder of Contrarian Thinking and investor in Beehiiv, Figure, Percent, Blindspot, Numeral, SkyFie, Shopgenie, and Hone Health.

Edward Lando

Investor in 20+ unicorns including Ramp, Mercury, Current, Spendesk, Side, Misfits Market, Truebill, Modern Treasury, Extra, Gauntlet and others.

Nat Friedman

Former CEO of GitHub and investor in Eleven Labs, Keen Technologies,, Retool,, Scale, Vercel, WandB, Perplexity, AssemblyAI,, Apollo, Sentry, Klarity, Pilot, and Streamlit.

Ruchi Sanghvi

Founder of South Park Commons and investor in Pilot, Facet, Lunchclub, Compound, Render, Codecademy, Asana, and Alchemy.

Elad Gil

Co-founder of Color Genomics and investor in Aduril, Mistral AI, Character AI, Perplexity AI, Bitwise, Zenefits, Retool, ChartHop, Medallion, Polywork, and Ashby.

Li Jin

Founder of Atelier Ventures and investor in Whereby, CommonStock, Gatheround, Stir, Table22, Sunroom, Syndicate, Maven, and Series.

Balaji Srinivasan

Co-Founder of Coin Center, former CTO at Coinbase, and investor in Perplexity AI, OpenSea, Alchemy, Dapper Labs,, Messari, Spatial, and Ritual.

Kevin Durant

2X NBA champion and investor in Hugging Face, Acorns, Postpates, OpenSea, Imperfect Foods, Mitchell & Ness, Kinley, Mercury, Sandbox VR, Therabody, Dapper Labs, Pearpop, Underdog Fantasy, Intro, Sleeper, withco, Future, and Plenty.

Alexis Ohanian

Founder of Reddit and investor in Sorare, Impossible Foods, BitClout, Deel, OpenSea, Rally, Patreon, Codecademy, Axie Infinity, Product Hunt, General Assembly, Lattice, and Opendoor.

Jack Altman

Co-Founder of Lattice and investor in Product Hunt, WorkOs, Forma, Slope, Ethena, Stork Club, Routable, Verfiable, Writer, Chroma, and Sprig.

Garry Tan

CEO at Y-Combinator and investor in Instacart, Coinbase, Patreon, HelloSign, Blend, Weave, Flexport, Cruise, Rippling, Open Listings, Ro, CoinTracker, Cron, and Cohere.

Daniel Gross

Co-Founder of Pioneer and investor in Uber, Instacart, Coinbase, GitHub, Airtable, Figma, Rippling, Gusto, Notion, Deel, Keen, Retool, and

Anne Wojcicki

Co-Founder of 23andMe and investor in Embark, Maven Clinic, Theator, Sidecar Health, Dwellsy, Adyn, Deep Instinct, Kindra, Cazoo, Getlabsm, Midi Health, Detect, Tract, Halo, Prenuvo, and Orchid.

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-Founder of Polygon and investor in Layer3, Coinshift, Dework, DoinGud, Humanode, Orb, Rep3, RedStone, Transak,, Zamp, Juno, and Sweatcoin.

Harry Stebbings

Founder of The Twenty Minute VC and investor in Digits, Kapwing, Pando, Macro, Linear, Linktree, Whereby, Mem, Fanhouse, and

Peter Thiel

Co-founder of PayPal and Palantir. Investor in LinkedIn, Yelp, SpaceX, Airbnb, Facebook, Spotify, Asana, Quora, TransferWise, Stripe, and AltSchool.

Gary Vee

Founder of Vayner Media and investor in Uber, Medium, Birchbox, Barkbox, Songza, Sorare, Recur, Thirdweb, Sleuth, Slamball, and Pearpop.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Founder of Goop and investor in Daily Harvest, Cloud Paper, Real, Genexa, MoonPay, OLIPOP, Evernow, The Expert, ResortPass, and Crown Affair.

Packy McCormick

Founder of Not Boring and investor in Syndicate, Bridgesplit, Alt, Writer, WorkWeek, Party Round, Massive, Sound, koodos, Softr, Athletic Greens, Oncyber, Wander, Arcol, Mad Realities, Bravado, StoryCo, Kairos, Pocus, Carbon Title, and Den.

Sam Altman

Co-Founder of OpenAI and investor in Neuralink, Humane, Asana, Presto, Meter, Slope, Patreon, Atmos, Codecademy, and Superside.

Tim Draper

Investor in Tesla, Ledger,, Indiegogo, Paperless Post, YikYak, Crowdfunder, EquityZen, Morpher, and Mothership.

Cyan Banister

Partner at Founders Fund and investor in Uber,Thumbtack, SpaceX, Postmates, EShares, Affirm, IRL, Superplastic, Flexport, Postmates, Buffer, and Niantic,

Max Levchin

Founder of Affirm and investor in Unity, Yammer,, Brex, Divvy Homes, Homejoy, AngelList, CoPilot, Stripe, Color, Returnly, OfferUp, Pinterest, OpenDoor, Ellevest, Wise, NextRoll, Polywork, and Gumroad.

Meltem Demirors

CSO at Coinshares and investor in Republic, Messari, Zapper, Polymarket, Showtime, Liquity, Upshot, Syndicate, ClayStack, Flowdesk, Kalder, Ethos, Swaap, and Freatic.

Dylan Field

Founder of Figma and investor in OpenSea, Golden, Saturn, Warp, Loom, Campus, Gather, Deepnote, Partly, Socket, Spread AI, Sprig, Kindred, Linear, and Glide Apps.

Jessica Livingston

Co-Founder of Y-Combinator and investor in Brex, Clever, Reddit, Triplebyte, Juni Learning, Eva, Balto, and Elpha.

Reid Hoffman

Founder of LinkedIn and investor in Facebook, Airbnb, Auro, Convoy, Blockstream, Coda, Inflection, Alchemy, Meter, Worldcoin, Zynga, Friendster, Flickr, and Funny or Die.

Arielle Zuckerberg

GP and Long Journey Ventures and investor in Mason, Partender, LiveControl,, Futurefly, Tiny Farms, Juni Learning, Riogrande, and The Ticket Fairy.

Justin Kan

Co-Founder of Twitch and investor in OpenSea, Mercury, Ready Player Me, Gunzilla Games, Proof of Play, Space Runners, Burrow, Drivezy, Popl, and Triplebyte.

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